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Business Owners


Six questions every Business Owner should ask themselves:


  • How will you replace the income stream from your business in retirement?
  • What is your exit strategy for your business?
  • How would you fund the continuity of your business in the case of a disability that prevented you from working full time?
  • Is the income you produce to provide for your family protected should you become disabled?
  • What is the income level you need to retire comfortably AND stay retired comfortably?
  • What amount of Life Insurance do you need in order to provide for your family’s financial needs if you were to die prematurely?


As a Business Owner, you are faced with the never-ending task of balancing your commitment of
time and energy between the day to day demands of your business and looking ahead to an
eventual exit strategy. Unfortunately, the demands of today are usually so great there is little
time to give much thought to exit strategies or retirement planning.
I focus on helping Business owners identify the answers to these questions as well as manage current issues such as:

Employee benefit plans:
Identifying which plan provides the best solutions for the employees and the owner in the most
cost-efficient manner is critical to maintaining employee satisfaction while managing costs.

Business Continuity:
Ensuring that proper Partnership agreements are well documented and Buy/Sell strategies are
in place and funded is critical to a business owner to protect all that they have built for their
families should something unforeseen such as premature death occur.

Business Succession:
Helping owners understand the dynamics involved with either a sale of the business or passing
of the business to their children is critical to maximizing the value of their lifetime of hard work.
Income replacement, Asset protection from creditors and proper structuring of the passing of
the business to the next generation requires significant planning.